30c3 - Sandbox of the hackers and techies

Posted on December 27, 2013

This has been my first visit and I planned this long ago, the 30th annuary would be the time, when I am visiting c3. So here some impressions:


And what can I say, WHOW! It enlightent me completely. What I must learned in the first day, the talks are great but there is a lot, a lot of stuff going to be happen on this event, everywhere in every even so small corner.


I reactivated my old W205 and took it with me. Bought a sim card for 2€ and registered a number voilà, i am reachable at 3c send SMS to my colleges My DECT Phone Siemens (TODO version?) which I also took with, is also registered and works too, but sending old schools SMS is more comfortable.

And what is impressive, you can not only use the phones to call each other and the whole world (for free!), you can call for getting audio of the talks! And even translated ones !! Awesome. So you will not miss anything if you must go for you know what and where.


The tube bottle system is quite fun, but I think the missing use case is the problem, maybe it should be used to trash the old bottles. :)


Most of the time I spent on the python space. Looked into Django and found 2 interessting projects:


Linspector is an open source GNU AGPL montitoring tool, which aims to be as fast and simple as possible. No agent must be deployed on the nodes, it does not graph, it has not web UI. Configuration can be written in JSON, (yaml is planned). Reminds me of ansible.


Nsupdate.info is a free and open source replacement of dyndns (dynammic DNS update using HTTP/s). You can use the service of nsupdate.info and using their existing domains, or if you have your own nameserver, add your own domain (e.g. dyn.example.com) to let nsupdate.info update DNS using RFC 2136.

Or you host your own nsupdate.info web service using the software available under BSD license.

Hint: If you like to use your own domain, your Nameserver IPv6 address must be entered! Only needed for service on nsupdate.info. It is related of containers/jails used by nsupdate.info.

Hardware hacking

I am not really into electronics, havnig basic knowledge. The hardware hacking space is quite impressive and I took the chance to get my hands dirty.

Retro Games

That was fun! I love playing retro games. There was a few couches and game consoles for emptying your mind. Thanks for this.

I made some pictures and will put them here later.


I was also suprised seeing not less children and families. So there is hope for the future.

UnderGround Party

The party zone really deserved its name. I felt like 20 years back in time, techno beats, pure underground. A lot of “common” people just came to have party during the nights. And the great was, public transportations drove the hole night on Saturdays.


The 30th Here is the place where ideas are born, projects get started and the world is beginning to change.