Crowdfunding Ansible CloudStack Modules

Posted on November 26, 2015

Update 2016-01-09:

  • Mew module:
    • cs_resourcelimits

Update 2016-01-03: New modules

Not yet open sourced, but fully integration tested and idempotency aware:

  • cs_zone - Create, update and remove zones.
  • cs_pod - Create, update and remove pods.
  • cs_cluster - Create, update and remove clusters.
  • cs_instance_facts - Gathering facts of an instance from the API.
  • cs_configuration - Manages global, zone, account, storage and cluster configurations.

Integration tests tasks: 515

State of the play

The last 13 months have been amazing: I created 22 Ansible CloudStack modules, ~18'000 lines added, additional ~2'700 lines changed in ~171 commits, developped 15 integration test roles covering more than 300 tasks, for automated testing on a continuous integration server.

I have held several presentations of the CloudStack modules, at the first Ansible Geneva meetup, Linux User Group Berne, CoSin in Biel/Bienne and CloudStack Meetup in London.

According to GitHub, I (resmo) am one of the most active independend contributors to the community managed extra modules. This all has been done exclusively in my free time, having no clue how much time (..nights) I have spent and how I have made this possible. My feeling is that Ansible is the game changer and providing the best tools to the CloudStack community will also boost Apache CloudStack Project.

What is my motivation

Why am I doing it? Ansible has changed the way I work by making hard work simple and reliable and kept simple work simple. The only missing piece was a way to interact with the CloudStack in an Ansible way.

I wanted to have full featured, testable, idempotent implemented, simple to understand and extendable Ansible modules for my daily work, which does not only include me using CloudStack as an end user, but also in an admin role.


My objectives are to have all modules ready to not only install CloudStack management server, but fully configure a cloud by Ansible as an administrator in a reliable way like: zones, pods, clusters, hosts, service, disk and network offerings.

How you can help

First if you are running a cloud based on CloudStack try out the Ansible CloudStack modules to interact with CloudStack and spread to word to your customers.

If you like to support me and my work, I would like to give you a chance to speed up the development and let me work 1 day per week primarly on new modules.

What is the deal

My goal is to get € 5'000 until 31.01.2016.

Thanks for the supporters:

  • Anonymous CloudStack PMC Member: 95 € (GBP 70) donated
  • SWISS TXT: 460 € (CHF 500) donated
  • Exoscale: 80 € (CHF 100) donated in 2013 in credits of Exoscale public cloud usage.
  • Shapeblue: 664 € (GBP 500)
  • Matt Jaynes / VALDHAUS: 200 €

In case the goal won’t be reached, no money must be given. If more money has been spent, all money will be used for Ansible CloudStack modules development. You will get 10 work days total full time on development, spitted to 1 day per week. I won’t give any guarantees what modules will be developed and when but I can guarantee that all money will be used for this project and for development new modules.

If you like to contribute, please drop me a mail with the following information:

  • Publish your Name/Website: yes/no
  • Your Name / Company Name
  • Address, City, Country
  • Website
  • Your Email
  • Amount of money you like to spend

Companies of course will receive an invoice on request for your taxes.

Please provide all information, your name will only be published on your wish. I will not publish your contact informations, nor will your data be given to any third party.

If you don’t want to wait for the goal and just send money:

Please always drop me a mail even so, but note that I will not return if the goal won’t get reached.

Thank you very much!