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European timetable in your console

If you like to provide a geek looking time table of your train connections, or on events on a wallboard. Here is a way to do it :) First you need the fahrplan application, which uses the api of the swiss national railway company to get the data. They not only have swiss connection data, they seems to have all european connection data. At least quite a lot. pip install fahrplan Use the help fahrplan -h to see all options.

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30c3 - Sandbox of the hackers and techies

This has been my first visit and I planned this long ago, the 30th annuary would be the time, when I am visiting c3. So here some impressions: Talks And what can I say, WHOW! It enlightent me completely. What I must learned in the first day, the talks are great but there is a lot, a lot of stuff going to be happen on this event, everywhere in every even so small corner.

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